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Dad's Profile Picture
Dad's Facebook Profile Photo

Hello again bloggers,

Just wanted to take some time to talk about what inspirations I have had for myself to be in the field of advertising. I have to say that from day one it was me watching cartoons on the TV and my dad saying you know why that commercial did that or why those people were in that commercial. Whenever there is a show on and the person in the screen shot has a product with the brand name displayed he says that’s product placement. I just feel like the advertising field is made for me or maybe I’m made for the advertising field because of my advertising background. So now that I am actually working under my Dad as a part of the company I can apply all of my things that he had taught me in the past. It really gives me even more respect than I had previously for him when I see him DO the stuff that he always TALKED about. He really is a “do as I do” kind of guy not a “do as I say not as I do” guy.

What I have noticed that has changed at FHB is the effort to become more digitally and internet oriented. With this comes the “social media” sites. This is funny because even though my Dad is the second generation he is just old enough to need some help with the social sites on-line. So in the evenings at home I have been helping him with his FaceBook:)

The picture is my dad’s Facebook profile picture.



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