Internship at Devine+Partners

Hi! My name is Elyse and I am a Senior Advertising major studying Brand Strategy and Research. I am currently fortunate enough to be interning at Devine+Partners, which is a PR agency here in Philadelphia. My role at DP has taught me a lot about what it takes to work at an affiliated agency. I have learned about how to communicate with my coworkers and how I can help aid them in any task they need assistance with. DP is a smaller agency, so I have been fortunate enough to work closely with each and every person in the agency. This has  helped me gain practical experience because they all are a helping hand to each other, no matter the role.

After my time at DP, I am now more determined to pursue working closely with clients for marketing campaigns. I would love to see the behind the scenes of photoshoots with products and what goes into creating a campaign. I am a creative person, therefore I would love to be in the field when it comes to my work.

I was able to learn how teamwork is imperative when working with a small business like DP. Communication is key when working together as a team and being  transparent on what needs to be done. Every person at DP inspires me in a different way. The founder, Jay, had a dream with the company and created it with the help of others. On Fridays, we have a Q&A styled conversation, and I have been able to learn the stories of all the people in my the office. Each and every one of them has experience and beneficial knowledge to share with us interns. Considering I had an unpleasant experience with a prior internship, this internship exceeded expectations. My supervisor was extremely organized and met with us twice a week to go over any necessary projects or to do’s. Even though sitting at a desk can be quite daunting, it really put me in the perspective of someone who works in a professional setting daily.

Advice I would give to people who are starting their first internship is to be patient. The process of looking for an internship is quite tedious and can take some time. Ask around to older friends and professors to see if anyone is looking for interns. Make sure to be in constant communication with your supervisor with what they expect of you and when. Even if they’re busy, try to put aside a time to come together and go over your schedule. Remember that you’re choosing a job just as much as a job is choosing you. 

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