Interning as a Graphic Designer at This Is It TV

Interning as a graphic design intern at This is it TV has been a good experience.

Interning as a graphic design intern at This is it TV has been a good experience. This Is It is a daily lifestyle news broadcasting show/project that features daily guests from the greater Philadelphia area that are business owners and entrepreneurs. Getting to connect with guests and hear their stories has been an awesome experience throughout the semester. Throughout the internship, I’ve created graphics and promotional content for the shows sponsors and advertisers that air during the daily show as well as get posted on the This Is It’s social media pages. I’ve also created promotional print content for the show and show events and have created website graphics. Working in a small team of five awesome and very positive people has been great. Working in the studio we film at in the Nickels Building, a shared co-working space has also been a very positive experience. Since there is no head creative or designer I under whom I work, the creative decisions are left up to me and the other graphic design intern which has provided us with a lot of freedom. It has been a good experience to enhance and better my workflow in the Adobe Suite and it has been great to help and watch the show flourish and gain a following throughout the semester.

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  1. I can only imagine how much of an mazing experience it is! I love Cheldin so working under her is probably amazing. Being an entry level creative and having this type of creative freedom sounds unmatched. Kudos!

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