Internships often invoke feelings of fear, worry, and uncertainty within many of those who end up getting one. Regardless of how intimidating the concept of internships may be, they are absolutely crucial in one’s college journey. I was utterly terrified of pursuing my internship, but I have come to find that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

Prior to interning as the Fashion Marketing Intern for the young fashion brand AMERICAE, I have had no exposure to such a professional environment. Through this experience however, I can surely say that I have never learned so much in one semester. My time with AMERICAE has been so enlightening and has made me become so much more aware of the necessities in the work place. When I say that, I am referring to how much of a necessity it is to pay attention to detail, create a schedule that you can stick to, how important it is to be punctual, and to remain innovative. This has been such a learning experience for me, and I am so thankful for the CEO and Art Director of AMERICAE because they have been treating it as such as well.

What I have found to be rather difficult throughout my time with AMERICAE is adjusting to the brand, and understanding it at its fullest. I realized that when you work for a brand, you have to get to know it in order to create content that is most effective at attracting consumers and converting potential consumers. When I first got started at AMERICAE, I was meant to strategically layout and execute a street stencil project as a means of guerrilla marketing. Typography has never been my strong suit, and I was extremely stressed about this because all that was wanted from the CEO/Art Director was a stencil that was composed of little imagery, and mostly typography. When I submitted my first round of mockups, I had felt extremely defeated because none of the mockups were sufficient. The Art Director had to provide me with a template, and I recreated each stencil based upon her initial designs. Although I felt discouraged, I really had to put myself in the shoes of AMERICAE, and create content that resonated with the brand and not my own personal taste.

Since then, I have been creating graphics that are meant for Instagram (like the photo that I used for my featured image,) and I have been feeling really good about them because I understand the perspective of AMERICAE entirely. I understand the color scheme, the message, the execution, and although it took me a little while to get the hang of it, I think this was a really crucial part of the learning process.

This experience has left me feeling nothing more than inspired when it comes to almost every aspect of entrepreneurship, marketing, branding, and social media as a whole. The constant work load is hectic sometimes, but I really enjoy staying busy with it as I am one who loves to stay busy, and I find great joy in doing something that forces me to think outside of the box, and remain creative.