Interning at an Agency: Expectations vs. Reality

Before you get all on edge from the title, the reality of interning at an advertising agency is good – I even came back for a second semester! I am an account management intern at LevLane Advertising, and tend to work on research projects here. From the moment I came in for my interview last October to almost a year later, I have had so many expectations squashed…by even better realities. Here are a few of the things I have learned from interning at LevLane:

Expectation: Interns are only good for making coffee and running errands.

Reality: The first day of my internship, I participated in a meeting with a client and helped present research that I did. I’ve run two errands my entire time here.

Expectation: Interns should sit back and listen, not speak.

Reality: Input is not only encouraged, but also considered. If you have a good idea, speak up. It could lead to a key insight in a campaign.

Expectation: Everyone is too busy to help. In the world of advertising, you need to figure things out on your own.

Reality: Not only are my own supervisors willing and eager to help, but so are other co-workers with whom I do not work on a personal basis.


The moral of the story is, even if you have preconceived notions of what agency life will be like, let them go. You will learn more and grow more this way, and you will have way more fun!

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