As advertising majors, it feels like we are made to think that we will only be successful advertisers in a large, established company. After interning with MakeOffices, I found that is not the case! I learned an array of new skills at MakeOffices and even discovered my new found love for writing from writing the weekly newsletters. Through my time in the office, I also had numerous opportunities to network with the many small businesses and startups that occupy MakeOffices space, many of which were Temple alumni! Although my role was diverse and did not strictly focus on advertising, I met a handful of companies that were digital media and advertising based. Even the other companies that had nothing to do with advertising, had a need for advertisements and marketing for themselves.

Something I found from helping to manage a co-working space is that everyone is constantly working hard. Every single company is trying to establish themselves and the effort shows. Being around such determined individuals every day definitely had a positive impact on my personal work ethic. I am so grateful to have been a part of such a great team and acquire some amazing role models along the way. If you ever find yourself debating on taking an internship, because the company seems small or you don’t want to work for a startup- rethink your decision! Sometimes it pays off to be a part of a smaller team where all of your ideas can be recognized and considered.