Interning with Golden Knot Yacht Services

Hi all! My name is Erin Geiges and this semester I have had the pleasure of working with Golden Knot Yacht Services as a social media intern. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Golden Knot Yacht Services, they are a start-up event planning business based out of Hoboken, New Jersey that works to make events happen on various boats and yachts, both within the United States and outside.

In working with a relatively new business I have had the opportunity to learn a bit about event planning, as well as work hands-on with the co-founder of Golden Knot Yacht Services, Gabrielle Goldklank. Over the course of this semester, I have gained more experience with social media than I could have ever imagined. I have been able to create over a dozen Instagram stories that have been posted on Golden Knot Yacht Services’ Instagram page two to three times per week to inform their followers of the yachts they work with. I have even had the chance to work with Pinterest, which is a social media I did not have much experience with until I was assigned with different tasks to improve their following.

While I have really benefitted from my experience with a deeper understanding of various social media platforms, I have also learned how to manage my time better and even gained more confidence in my abilities. I was extremely nervous at the beginning of this semester because I was afraid of going out of my comfort zone to apply for an internship but after having such a great experience working with Golden Knot Yacht Services I am so happy I took that step forward. Being able to have one on one experience with one of the individuals who started the business was an added plus because it helped break down the barriers I had built in fear of constructive feedback. I am now able to realize the personal growth that comes with receiving constructive feedback and even having to go back to fix a few elements of a task before it can be approved.

In addition, this internship has really put into perspective what I would like to continue doing in my professional career in the near future. As a junior Advertising major with a track in Account Management, I am still unsure if that is the direction I want to go in but what I do know now is that I love working on social media, both in the creative and analytical sense. If I have the opportunity, post-graduation, to work in a field related to social media I would definitely take it to expand my knowledge.

My overall experience with Golden Knot Yacht Services the past three months has been so positive and enjoyable. I am so excited to continue my internship journey with them this summer!

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