Interning with Life Changers at Weston Fitness!

Hello! My name is Kelly Roland, and over the course of this semester, I have had the privilege of interning at Weston Fitness as a Marketing/Advertising Intern. Weston Fitness is located at 1835 Market St. and is a beautiful fitness center/health club located on the second floor with an awesome view of Market Street.

When I first started interning at Weston Fitness back in the beginning of September, I was so eager to get started and learn as much as I possibly could! On my first day, as one of three interns (originally), I had crazy butterflies in my stomach and didn’t really know what to expect. And let me tell you, those butterflies were for nothing! I felt so comfortable right off the bat. We were sent on a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ throughout the gym right when we got there. That may sound a little silly, but I am so glad that Mike, the Director or Marketing and Membership, made us do it. I learned so much about all of the employees, what they offer, business/sales goals, their marketing strategies, and how Weston Fitness operates as a whole.

Once I got started, my main role was to create ad concepts for new campaigns (one a month). During my 3 days a week there I made print pieces, posters, guest passes, Facebook cover photos, and posted pictures of their new studios to Facebook…while always brainstorming new ideas, of course! The Director of Marketing at Weston Fitness is also a huge fan of really ‘hitting the streets’ to get their name out there (free marketing) and distribute as many guest passes and promotional pieces as possible. So as an intern, I have ventured up and down Walnut and Chestnut many times to hand out guest passes to businesses on those streets. Another awesome task that I’ve had the privilege to do is create the designs for icons/plaques that will be made in the near future. These signs will hang above each new studio to distinguish what takes place in each one without actually using words, only imagery. Once the icons are finished, they will also be used at buttons on their new website to direct users to the studio pages.

I’m very proud of what I have accomplished at Weston over the past few months. While I’m also proud of all the things that I’ve done in my classes over the last few years at Temple, it has been awesome to see my work REALLY come to life!


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