Internship at Luxty Tans!

My name Julia Kauffman, and I am a currently finishing up my junior year majoring in advertising with a brand strategy and research concentration. I decided to take the internship course this semester because during my job last semester at a clothing store I was chatting with a customer about my major and career aspirations. Shortly after explaining how I was looking for an internship without knowing anything about this woman’s background, she had offered me an internship at her company that she established a few years ago. The company is called Luxty Tans, which is a spray tanning business. Ideally, I hope my career path leads me into the beauty and fashion industry and that’s why I was so excited to accept this internship.

Throughout my internship at Luxty Tans, I learned so much. I am very appreciative that I had the opportunity to work at a newer established company because I feel as though I was able to experience more aspects of a business rather than just one select department.

My experience at Luxty Tans has consisted of:

  • Creating promotional materials such as Instagram stories, posters, and banners
  • Tracked the analytics of the Instagram account to ensure content is being posted at the time consumers are active
  • Communicated with customers to answer any questions
  • Assisted in building brand awareness in local and non-local boutiques by collaborating with them and asking to place products in their stores
  • Researched for beauty pop-ups/events to promote self-tanner

This internship has helped me learn about what running a company looks like from the inside. It is not an easy task to be the owner of a company when the business is fairly new and employees are small in size. I am glad I was able to help make an unexpected connection with my wonderful supervisor Allison. I will remember this internship in the future as I go on to maybe start my own company later on. This position as an intern will help positively further my career in the advertising industry and I’m thrilled that I learned so much this semester!

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