Internship experience

Hello, everyone, my name is Arnold a senior Advertising and brand strategy major at Temple University. I am currently having the privilege to intern with Temple athletics department. Temple’s athletic is a department that oversees all sports activities at Temple university making sure that every sport-related event is organized and has enough entertainment for our fans to enjoy.
during this internship, I learned a lot about what it means to be organized and prepared for anything that I do in life.  learned the importance of teamwork and different ways to market events. I have always been a big sports fan so having the opportunity to work that close and give my input on what should be happening in an upcoming event is something I would like to pursue in my future career. This experience was everything  I expected, and I am glad of the way it turned out because going given the fact that this is the first internship I didn’t know what to expect but looking back at how much I have learned gives me the satisfaction of being in the right path. one person who inspired me is my supervisor  Karlie. her devotion and desire to give the best version stood out to me. some specific things I got from her are the ins and out of the business and that you are never too prepared.

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