Internship + Food = Awesome!


Nothing is better than to be an intern in a company, which involves with the word, FOOD!! Agree or Disagree?

This summer, I am working as an Art Direction intern in AG catering, located in Fishtown. AG catering is a “2C” company, which means–it’s cool and classy. Their services include, catering to team building to hosting events. It has been months since I got the intern position. I can still remember how nervous I was on my first day. I greeted some of my colleagues, and we talked about our lives and the company. It was pretty chill. My nervousness quickly decreased from 99% to 10% by the end of the day. In the internship experience, I’ve been working on the design of AG’s website, their media kit, and the social media strategy plan. It was challenging, but it was fun after all. I get to use what I have learned in school, and apply what I’ve learned to the internship experience. I feel successful and motivated. I finally get use my skills on something useful! How great is that?!

This is my first internship, and I’m having a great experience with AG. In addition to developing my design skills, I’ve also learned about FOOD! One of the greatest things that I get to learn, is how to COOK. I am a big fan of cooking, and I was so happy when I realized that I will get to learn to cook professionally. Do you know that garlic has eight different flavors? I did not until I became an intern here. Amazing, right! Besides from learning to cook, AG’s office is a cool place in which to work. I LOVE the celling of the office, it is always full with sunlight, it is bright and positive. It is a great environment in which to work! I also like the interior design and decoration in the office, which has motivated my working ability as well.

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