Internship Life: Things Not Expected, But Still Valid

Interning at Skai Blue Media has been an experience for me that I will appreciate for years to come.

I am currently a graphic design intern at Skai Blue Media, located at 13th and Sansom in Center City. I am not directly under a senior graphic designer, or art director, simply because it is a multimedia communications firm that specializes in fashion and pr. There really is not a demanding need for the small firm to hire someone full time for that purpose. However, it is convenient for them to have someone to create content when a client needs a media kit, a proposal, a promotional poster, an email invitation, or a logo.

That’s where I come in.

I have been so lucky to have been put to work each day I’m in the office, working on different projects for all of the employees here and their clients. What is different about my experience that I wasn’t expecting is that I am basically on my own (in the field of graphic design). I don’t have someone to teach me the ins and outs that an internship at a large ad agency would most likely provide.

But there is something still very valid about this experience. I have taught myself a lot about the creative suite, using tutorials and repetitive techniques. I have also learned a lot about my graphic design aesthetic preference and style, which I may not have cultivated at a large agency.  I am learning about the PR world; the lingo, insider details, and have been invited to help out with and attend their events! I am also getting to know more specifically what field I would like to work with most closely.

I am also building my portfolio at an alarming rate! It’s nice to have a lot of pieces to choose from, and the time to sit there and actually work on your craft. While Skai Blue Media wasn’t what I expected, what I am gaining from being here is priceless and still going to be very useful going forward.


Plus, seeing this view every time I walk to work isn’t bad either.

The walkway to Skai Blue Media's office
The walkway to Skai Blue Media’s office

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