My name is Morgan Pivovarnik and I’m an Advertising Major at Temple. Currently, I’m a Graphic Designer Intern at Digitas Health.Throughout the summer of 2018, I had an overwhelmingly positive experience as a Creative Intern at Digitas Health in Philadelphia. When looking for opportunities to fulfill my advertising internship credit, DH was the first agency that came to mind. I’ve had the pleasure of holding a Freelance Designer position at DH for the past semester.

I never pictured myself working in pharmaceutical marketing, or in advertising at all. Although I’ve always had a love for design, I struggled to find personal connection and meaning in the field. I knew I wanted to do something purposeful and make an impact with my career, but I was unsure how. Thankfully, DH showed me how meaningful working in pharma marketing can be.

After looking into DH’s summer internship program, I immediately resonated with their motto, “helping not selling.” It is a personal goal of mine to utilize the field of advertising to provide resources, messaging, and support to those who need it. Those who work in advertising have the privilege to communicate messages and resources to empower others. We are the advocates to ensure no one feels barriers when they need help most.

My experience at DH has shown me that advertisers have the power to remove questions and ensure help is accessible and meaningful. Working for an agency that reflects my personal values has made for a wonderful and fulfilling experience. There are endless ways to advertise a drug, resource, or service that could seriously impact someone’s life for the better. Contrary to popular belief, pharma marketing is far from boring. The creativity, craft, and talent that flows through this office amazes me every day. It is a challenge to make pharma engaging amongst the thousands of ads people see every day, but DH makes it happen.

The field of advertising is one that allows you to combine your passion with your skill sets. I am forever grateful DH provided me the opportunity to combine mine.