It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

As my internship comes to a close I’m grateful for the experience. I have learned so much and met great people.  Interning at The Gabriel Institute has taught me that you never really know where you’ll end up in your career but it’s important to enjoy yourself and be satisfied with whatever you are doing.

I have met people with laundry lists of accomplishments and a variety of past occupations. Being able to intern with a group of people with different educational, career, and personal backgrounds was a joy. From my internship, I have learned that working successfully as a team is key, not only in business but in life in general.

While I interned at TGI I wrote press releases, blog posts, helped with conference planning, research social media, and so much more.  The part of the internship that I enjoyed the most was the social media research. I looked into different websites to post information about the company as well as investigated new ways to use social media to promote TGI.

TGI felt less like an internship and more like a family. The team was great to work with. I learned a lot and enjoyed myself.  I’m sad to see the experience come to an end, but glad to take what I have learned to my next opportunity.

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  1. It sounds like you made some lifelong friends there which is awesome, and definately a good networking tool too! I agree with you saying that you never know what field you will end up in. I ended up in a writing internship and found out I can use my advertising degree for so much more than just copywriting.

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