It Can Apply To Me Too! :)

For this third blog, I want to talk about how my Marketing internship experience with JahRock’n Productions has personally affected me as I pursue my own music career alongside of my Advertising/Marketing career.

As I stated in a previous post, one of the things that I learned how to do was to use Twitter and Facebook as a research and marketing tool. Using it this way is much different that how I would use it as a personal thing to just have fun and keep in touch with friends and family.

As an inspiring music artist, I am not signed or being managed by any company so when it comes to marketing and promoting myself and my music, I am all on my own. A lot of aspiring artists struggle with this because they do not have the experience or knowledge on how to help them get discovered through effective marketing and promotions.

Using what I have learned at JahRock’n to help gain more support and fans, and applying them to my social networking accounts, I have gained some new supporters and followers of my music as well. The same techniques and strategies I used with JahRock’n , I used on myself. Some things include: typing in certain words that relate to my target audience in the search bar in Twitter to find people who have interest in what my music is about and then sending them messages, telling them about me and my music. Also, finding musical events that attract my target audience and then handing out flyers about my music to the people there. That was an idea that I took from what I did for JahRock’n.

I think it is pretty cool that not only can I use this internship to give me experience in my career path, but it also helped me in my personal life as I try to pursue a music career as well.

I think as we continue to pursue our careers and apply to various internships, we should do something that we love and make sure we are not doing it solely on the high salary that it pays. You will enjoy your job so much more and will have such a greater experience!

-Shani Cassells


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