It is Finally Here!

Although there have been smaller important things leading up to this big event such as marketing the non-profit and helping those in need find homes/furniture to start their new lives, the most important thing of the year is finally here.  After months of finding the perfect center pieces, making programs, seating charts, volunteers etc. I will finally be able to see it all come together.  Our fundraising breakfast is this upcoming Tuesday.  I am so excited to see how it turns out.  Last week I was making final touches on the program that I spent weeks making and I thought to myself, ” I am going to be so proud when I see these programs on the table”.  I see programs at events all of the time but to actually say I spent hours working on it just for this event is a good feeling!  I put a lot of time and effort into this event and I am very proud.

Event planning is something that I really have a passion about.  I get extremely excited to plan little details and then when the event occurs I get even more excited to see how it all came together.  Instead of just planning the event, my manager is trusting me to be the stage manager.  She said she wanted me to take care of things if they went wrong and to just make sure it ran smoothly.  This meant a lot because it meant after working together for months, she trusted me enough to run her most important event of the year.

I never want to leave my internship!  It has truly been an experience!


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