It’s a Pleasure to See Me

Hello my name is Hannah Webster and I am currently interning at the Temple University Office of Sustainability. You may have seen the ad on the left around campus.  Well, I created it. So far, I have created fliers, banners, and ads for the office promoting campus sustainability week, RecycleMania, and guest speaker, Van Jones.

One event so far that the Office is going to host is former adviser to President Obama and environmental activist, Van Jones. He is coming to Temple this Tuesday, March 29th at 7pm in the Temple Performing Arts Center. The campaign that I made for this included a flier, large poster, plasma screen ad, and a small ad for the napkin holders in J & H cafeteria. In designing it, I had to originally create three different ideas catered to three separate audiences. It was a challenge to make my design interesting to faculty & staff, students, activists, and average Philadelphians. This internship is a wonderful opportunity both with the people I work with and the events I get to advertise. It feels very rewarding when you see the work you’ve created being advertised around campus.

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