It’s all about the ethics.

While working with a company, no matter the size, it’s always important to remember to mind your p’s and q’s, especially when you work in an environment with familiar faces.

Even more important is operating ethically while on the job.  More so, learning how to separate personal life from work life; separating friendships from work relationships.  Following these simple rules may help you survive in your future internships and job positions.

1) Sensitive Information

You have to recognize that not all information you learn on the job is meant for everyone’s ears.  If your boss or supervisor relays to you information about a certain task he/she needs done, or a position he/she is looking to fill, there may be a reason he/she came to you and singled you out.  If it was meant for everyone, they would have formally announced it to everyone.  Be sure to be mindful of sensitive information, and ensure you don’t step on anyone’s toes with careless thinking.

2) Work is Work

The world of advertising may be one of the most open and free-thinking fields a person can get into, giving advertisers and designers the chance to grow in creativity and flourish.  At the same time, you need to remember that work is work.  It isn’t hard to start to treat work as a second home, and taking advantage of the office’s friendly nature to act laid back and let your efficiency lessen.  You need to make sure you keep in mind the reason why you are at that office in the first place, and make sure to keep pumping out the good stuff, so that when the time comes where you are obligated to let loose and have a good time with your coworkers, you can.

3) Timing is Everything

The old phrase “time is money” still stays true to this day.  You need to always be on time to work, leave when your supposed to, and make sure you get your work done in a timely fashion.  In advertising, telecommuting is more popular than most fields, but you can’t allow this to be an easy way out of coming to the office.  In order to make a good impression, you have to be present.  Without you showing up, the work because less about the person doing it and more about the work itself, with people forgetting the face behind it all.  Employers will be less likely to write a recommendation for you in the future if they don’t have a strong memory of who you are.

4) Remember Your Place

Though it is important to make good impressions and go above and beyond what you are asked to do, also remember the position for which you were hired.  Don’t get so lost in trying to be a “jack-of-all-trades” that you forget to be good and the job you were hired to do.  Always remember to keep a steady footing.

5) Keep Your Smile On

A smile means a thousand words.  A frown means even more of them.  Always remember while you’re on the job to maintain a positive attitude, even when the work seems grueling or time consuming.  Nobody likes to work with a debbie-downer, and there is ALWAYS someone chomping at the bit to take over your position.  Our field is not lacking in need for employment, and there will always be someone that can replace you, so make sure you make your employers want you.  All it takes is a smile, and good work of course.

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