For my internship experience I have been working with a gallery space in Philadelphia called Gravy Studio. Gravy is set up a bit differently than most galleries in that it is structured more like a collective, with a small membership group that shares responsibilities and the decision making abilities. Gravy is also unique in that it is one of the few galleries in Philadelphia that deal almost exclusively in photographic work. 

Since I have a background in photography, I reached out to Gravy to see if they had any need for an intern who could handle communications duties that are relevant to my course of study here at Temple. I offered to handle things like press releases, blogging, social media, email blasts, and other writing-intensive duties.

It just so happened that Gravy was planning one of their only photography exhibitions of the year. As you can imagine, a pandemic is not really conducive to a bunch of people in a small gallery space shoulder to shoulder looking at art. To ensure a safe viewing experience, Gravy decided to host the exhibition at the large, open-air facility at Cherry Street Pier and eschew  formal opening/closing receptions. I assisted in the PR and promotion for the show, the hanging, and even helped in the curation. 

As mentioned, this was far from a “normal” year for operations at Gravy Studio. That said, I think the Gravy folks did an incredible job of rolling with these new and rapidly changing circumstances. I was able to meet and network with a bunch of awesome artists and had a great time doing it all. Thanks Gravy!