It’s Brian, NOT Brain.

I joke, because often times people would get the name of the company mixed up when looking us up. Trust me, it’s an easy mistype. But I digress. This semester, I began the second round of my internship at Brian Communications. The full service agency based out of Conshohocken, PA had asked me to come back on as a part of their team after being there all last semester. This was perfect for me. Not only did I need to fulfill my internship requirement but I also loved working with the team at Brian. So let’s just say, I couldn’t be happier spending another semester with them.

Although I am a copywriter, they had asked me to come on as a member of their integrated team because there was a need for some extra hands at the time with some larger clients. I was very willing to do this. From the moment I interviewed, I could tell that this was going to be an environment that I’d really enjoy working in.

To me, this was the best decision I could’ve made. Being a part of the integrated team allowed me to really understand all aspects of the agency. At times, I would work with members of PR and deal with clients directly, and other times I was more a part of the “behind the scenes” aspect of things. This experience allowed me to develop professional skills in an area outside of what I would typically be doing as a writer.

Yes, like any other intern position there was some work that wouldn’t exactly qualify as lesson-learning or career specific development, but it had to be done. At this point, I could tell you what some good prices are for bulk orders of gift wrapping as well as some of the best places for local printing and sign making on the Main Line. But this is all part of getting the clients what they need and through this experience, I’ve learned that this is always the number one priority, hands down.

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