The Philly Ad Club is a non profit organization and it is made up of over 2000 industry professionals from advertising, media buying, interactive, and specialty agencies in the greater Philadelphia area. Students have the ability to join the Philly Ad Club as well, and it is a great opportunity, so take advantage of it! Visit their Website Here or explore the Philly Ad Club Students YouTube Channel Here.


  • Its great for expanding your Network!-The Philly Ad Club hosts networking events, so you can meet, talk, and network with industry professionals

Check Out: Third Thursdays (THIS THURSDAY!!!) Networking Happy Hour

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  • Find Internships, and Jobs!-Gain access to Internship and Job Postings on their website. Also gain access to the “hidden job market” through networking.
  • It is a great addition to your Resume!
  • Learn about, Participate in, and experience the “real world” of advertising!-Visits to advertising agencies, access to events and workshops for free or reduced rates
  • Join their Mentoring Program!-In this program the Philly Ad Club matches students up with professionals in their desired field of work. If you were to join the program, you would have a mentor who you would meet with at-least twice a month to talk and “to share knowledge and experiences in order to further develop the skills of the mentor/mentee.” I strongly suggest signing up as a member of the Philly Ad Club, so you can be a part of this program if nothing else. Talking with a professional in the field is a great learning experience, and a great networking opportunity.Learn more about the Mentoring Program Here.


  • Student membership is only $25. $10 if  you are an American Advertising Federation member.
  • If you are a member of the Temple Ad Club, You are a member of the American Advertising Federation.
  • Student membership application must be accompanied by a faculty or staff referral.

Click here for student membership application



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