Jump Magazine, You Just Got To Do It.

Hi! My name is Bree and I am an intern at Jump Magazine in Philly. My job is to write articles for print and blog. I write a weekly post about what to do this weekend in Philly. I also go to shows and interview bands. In addition, I help with distribution, editing and fact checking. My major is advertising, so I also help with finding businesses to advertise in the magazine to keep it running.


Considering that Jump is such a small magazine I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would it be like a large magazine? I really had no idea. I didn’t think I would be given so much responsibility. I figured I would do a lot of fact checking and proof reading and some busy work. It was anything but that!


Jump gives me a lot. I am a shy person and I never thought I would be able to conduct an interview with a person one-on-one, or interview a whole band. I still get nervous thinking about it, but I’m doing it, and the articles keep coming out and then it’s on to the next one. I am also not the best speller or the greatest with grammar, but I read my work over and over again and it is making me stronger. It really is true that the more you do something the better you will be at it. The fact that I’m writing something and it is being posted for the world to see is nerve racking. These are my opinions, what I think about things, it’s a weird feeling, but it forces me to stop being a baby, and just write. And if nothing else I’ve gained some self-confidence.

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