Just Getting Started

Hello! My name is Samra Smajlovic and I am a senior advertising major with a concentration in art direction. In August of 2021, I started working at the Graphics Media Center (GMC) in the student center at Temple as a graphic designer. My job responsibilities varied from designing posters and logos for customers, designing social media ads for the GMC, lots of production and printing of products, to customer service and processing payments.

My experience at the GMC has already taught me so much. Learning to work with a team has been an incredible experience and has made me a stronger designer. At the GMC, working together is essential and is what makes the agency run smoothly. Different people come and go throughout the day. So, communication is so important so that when one designer leaves for the day, another can pickup where they left off.

I never expected to love what I do so much. This position has me excited to see what else the future holds. My coworkers continue to inspire me everyday and having the ability to work and learn from them has been such a privilege and something for which I am so grateful.

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