Katz Marketing Solutions

As my internship at Katz has come to an end, I look back and reflect on my experience.

Katz has opened my eyes to a seemingly dying media: radio. Radio is extremely underestimated by the advertising community as many people believe that the medium is not very versatile or is being replaced by satellite radio or iPods. This is not the case. Radio has the ability to make a local impact for a national brand.

Not only did this internship open my eyes to the possibilities of radio, but also the nuances of office relationships and insight into the real professional world. It was a great first foray into the real world and definitely a good stepping stone for my future career decisions.

Although I don’t see myself working in radio for my professional career, this internship was definitely rewarding and a great learning experience. I look forward to similar intern experiences in the future and gathering all the knowledge I can about the business.

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