Laid back.. Still productive

Hello all, Rob Sundry reporting from Vertex Inc. There is a lot to be said for a company that keeps its employees happy.  Often times you find that when a company has happy or content people working for them that they are effective more times than not.  You see it every day with companies such a Google and Yahoo. These companies place a huge emphasis on treating their staff with extra special care by doing such things as, granting people breaks during the day, or casual attire in the office.  It’s the little things like this that keep employees fresh and rejuvenated.  Even though the company I work for, Vertex,  doesn’t get the published notoriety that some of the huge corporations get for office culture do, it still does an outstanding job of dealing with everyone that works here and making the work day as stress free as possible.  This is a big reason why Vertex has been rated one of the top 100 places to work in the state of Pennsylvania, each of the last two years.  In 2012 it ranked in the top ten of companies with over 250 employees.

Vertex does numerous things to keep the people that work here happy.  This concept stems from our CEO Jeff Westphall.  Jeff feels that providing a balanced work environment is vital to the success of this company and its culture.  Vertex does a few things that truly cater to the people who work here.  Flex hours is the one that stands out to me most because it gives everyone the alternative to either come in late or leave early.  Also, the ability to work from home when there are no in office meeting is also another great perk.  Seeing that many of the people working here have kids, Vertex had a child daycare facility built right into the office, so workers who have young kids can bring them to work and swoop them up again on the way home.   The way I see it is, Vertex, or any other company who does the little extra things to make the employees happy is actually helping themselves.  These companies, simply by relieving the day-to-day stress of life, are enabling their workers to concentrate more heavily on the jobs at hand in the office place.   Also, I am firm believer that that the more comfortable the works are, the more effort they will give.  Just as the saying goes “Happy Horses Haul Harder”!

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