Late autumn


I can’t believe that I finished my internship at Harmelin.

I am a little sad that I have to leave a great place that is filled with great people;

I wish that I could stay there for a little longer, it would be nice.

This intern program really helps me to see the outside world and advertising world in general; you also learn how to socialize with more people outside your comfort zone.

For me, internship gives students access to a new experience and to meet new people (connections). No matter what kind a job or what company you are interning with or going to; even if the job might be hideous, the people aren’t nice, but in the end of the day you learned something from it. That what’s matter, you learned things.

My suggestion is to  find more internships, so you can learn different things from different people; seeing more different people will help you to open your mind and to understand  different characters! Remember, advertising world is huge; and dynamic!

Try to love what you did even if you don’t, because it will help you to do the job less painful. If you keep complaining about it,  everything looks difficult even if it doesn’t.

Lastly, I want to thank Harmelin Media for having me in their company and my instructor who has been helping me for the whole semester.

It was fun and  I would love to do it again!

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