Lauren Dukoff

There is no doubt in my mind that you all have seen Lauren Dukoff’s work. My goal on this blog is to give the artists behind the scenes the credit they deserve. I’ve been guilty not knowing/caring about the artist behind the masterpiece. But that is over for me, if I see something I like, the first thing I do is research who was behind it.

Lauren Dukoff is an American photographer living and working in Los Angeles. She has photographed everyone from Beyonce to Beck. One of her most well known photos is the cover of Adele’s “21”. Her work has been published in numerous magazines  like Rolling Stone and W.

this in studio video of Adele? directed by Lauren Dukoff.

the photos in this series of Nike ads? Lauren Dukoff.

…and this photo of Lady Gaga, along with many other famous images you’ve seen.

“I am a film photographer, it’s what I do and it is what defines my style”  -Lauren Dukoff

That quote alone makes me love her. Check out her blog to keep updated on her work!

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