Lead with a Learning Heart

My name is Lovette Johnson (call me Love!) I'm a junior advertising major concentrating in brand strategy and research and I'm currently interning at a digital marketing recruiting agency called HubSearch!

My name is Lovette Johnson (call me Love!) I’m a junior advertising major concentrating in brand strategy and research and I’m currently interning at a digital marketing recruiting agency called HubSearch! My experience interning at HubSearch as a digital marketing coordinator has been worth my while as it has helped to refine what I want to do for my professional career.

There’s a ton of work that can be under the work of a digital marketer and, with my internship, I’ve been able to test the waters on different projects and get a feel for different work like copywriting, social media, content strategy, SEO, web design, and paid search just to name a few. In conjunction with my internship, courses I’m taking this semester include: Mobile Apps: Design and Prototyping taught by Christine Sheller and Intro to Copywriting taught by Nikki Volpicelli that are encouraging me and connecting me to my love for writing and storytelling and instilling confidence in myself to go after my dreams and always be in a learning mindstate. Working on projects connected to web design and creating copy to empathize and engage users, has helped to pursue a career in copywriting, UX, and web design upon graduation.

My supervisor, Head of Marketing James Eldheardt had been a great teacher and mentor throughout my internship thus far. For most of my projects, I’ve been able to be independent and really take charge of my assignments but also have a helping hand whenever I’m feeling stuck or want to get feedback and bounce ideas off each other. My favorite part of honesty has just been brainstorming because it really gets my wheels going and excited to bring my ideas to life.

My internship experience thus far was nothing like how I expected it to go but I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turning out. A piece of advice that was shared with me that I think others can also use is the lead with a learning heart. What that means is that no matter what project or assignment you go into, also use it as an opportunity to learn more and become better at your craft. The world of digital marketing is always changing and we must always keep up with the new trends and new ways to speak to customers to stand out and be heard.


  1. Hi Love! I admire the advice you give to lead with a learning heart. Navigating new jobs and positions can be tough, but framing them as learning experiences is an excellent mindset.

  2. Hey Love! I think it is great that you have an internship that is exposing you to so many facets of marketing. It’s also admirable you have found the specific area you would like to pursue in the future. UX and web design is only going to become more important for advertising in the future! I haven’t taken either of the courses you mentioned, but they sound really engaging. Next semester, I will be taking Social Media Marketing, and I hope I learn some of the things in that class that you get to practice in your internship. I also love your advice to lead with a learning heart. So important!

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