Learning from the industry’s best at FCB Health in New York City

Here’s the advice they had to offer.

I had the opportunity to go to a networking event with the Klein Career Center in New York City. At the FCB Health office in New York, we got to hear from Rich Levy from FCB Health, Marcus Ellington from Google, Jennifer Siebens from CBS News, Yomi Desalu from BET, Meredith McGinn from COZI TV Network and LX, and Michael Kauffman who is the head of Temple Alumni New York Chapter. Here’s the advice they had to offer.

  • This industry is all about people, so treat them well. Word travels, and you never know when you might meet people again over the course of your career.
  • If you’re not sure which company to intern at, pick the one where you’d like to work. You can do a wider variety of tasks at a smaller company, or learn a single area more in depth at a larger company.
  • Be willing to take regional risks when looking for a job. Don’t be afraid to take the off-beaten path to reach your goal.
  • After you’ve been in the field for a while and you stop learning, it’s time to change your job – but never leave just for money.
  • Learn a new thing every year. Try ballroom dancing, learn a new language, or anything, really.
  • Don’t work too much. You’re at a time in your life when you can travel and try new things because you have money like an adult, but you aren’t weighed down by responsibilities like mortgages and kids.

Remember, you’re at an exciting time in life where you can try new things, take risks, and learn lessons you’ll remember for a lifetime. Dare to dream!

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