Learning something new about new business

When I started my internship at D4 Creative Group I was under the impression that I would be taking on the position as an Account Management intern. However, as things progressed my title soon morphed into New Business intern and I am very glad that it did. In the account management track we briefly touch on the subject of new business within an agency. We grasp an understanding of what a request for proposal is and what to do once we have obtained one, in fact many project that we do throughout the program are based on this outline. But, I never quite knew what happens if your agency is not being flooded with RFPs every week, how do you then begin to gain new clients. Lucky for me my time at D4 Creative Group answered many of my questions. One of my professors once said it’s not only who you know but who knows you, there are no words are truer in the world of new business. I have learned that new business is about finding connections within the business world and using them to your advantage. If you have a friend who works for company X give them a little shout out and let them know that you are currently working at agency Z and that you think they would collaborate well together. Or if you are reading the newspaper and notice that a new business is starting in the area you better work fast and contact the person in charge of that business and let them know that your advertising agency could help them out in the future. Lastly, you can search around for website or companies that look like they need a “face lift” and politely let them know that you could be the ones to really help match their message to their creative. Once you have gotten this lead it is important to keep track of them in an organized matter. I made a chart for new business at D4 Creative color coding each lead depending on how far along our relationship was with that client. The chart also included what the next steps should be with that lead in order to further the relationship that you have started with them. This need for organization is critical because you want every lead to feel like they are your number one priority because if so they are more likely to lean towards your agency for their next advertising needs. I am glad I got a chance to experience this first hand as I am sure it will be a beneficial skill to have when searching for jobs in the future.  

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