Learning the ropes

Hi, my name is Matt Lynam. I am a senior in the advertising program on the management track. For this past semester I have been interning at a large, privately owned, international paper distribution company called LindenMeyr.

Recently I have been assisting the regional manager by helping put together interactive maps that show the profitability of the top 25-30 accounts in a given region. I made these maps so the regional manager could show them to his boss during their monthly meetings. It was very interesting to see the how different accounts get billed extremely differently, and the politics that go into maintaining the status quo. These meetings with the regional manager opened my eyes to how big business works.

Other then that, I have been working on updating our current customer database with new information. I have to go into the database and double check every client’s information to see if their email address is in the system. If not I add that information. This was probably the most boring and tedious work I had to do at LindenMeyr, but I know that you have to start somewhere and some experience is better then no experience.

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