Less is More

I currently work at Temple Small Business Development Center as a Creative Consultant, which means I create business cards, brochures, etc. for clients. The client I am currently working has really changed my perspective on some of my work. Upon meeting with her she requested a simple logo – she had nothing in mind but something simple and readable.

After her request I resulted to Google searching simple logos that brought me to the most common logos such as the Nike Swoop and the FedEx logo, which made me realize that a simple logo is even more complex than the most detailed logo. Being able to capture the idea of a business in a simple line or shape is more complex than I had ever thought it would be.

Which then made me question whether or not a newly established business should have such a generic simple logo without having actual brand awareness. Would people know it was their logo? Would people remember it if they saw it again? I’m not exactly sure but I am in the process of playing around with initials, lines of energy, and shapes that I think would capture the essence of this business.

I’ve realized that some logos are more complex than others. Some logo ideas just click and I know exactly what needs to be done but some need further work. Luckily I work with business consultants who are able to inspire me and throw some ideas my way because they know their clients business very well and know what it needs to accomplish. Sometimes they’ll push the client into a better direction because they know what creative will benefit them more.

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