Lessons Learned from RGI

Through the duration of my internship I have learned how to do many things within a self-run company. I have learned how to create a business plan and how to present it to potential clients. I have learned how to create contacts with outside vendors as well as purchase media spots with those vendors.

The experience as a whole was positive but even the greatest of times have their challenges. The event that I planned and executed was not a great success due to a hurricane hitting the area the day of the event. However, it was not a complete failure as sales did slightly go up after the event was advertised in a local paper and our chosen non-profit received generous donations. I have learned that experience can make a huge difference.  While I was trying to plan the event, I was constantly being given ideas and got overwhelmed a few times, but because I had the help of people who had done this several times before it actually became easier.

I think what I took most from the internship is that working together as a company and having constant communication is key to being successful. If one piece of information gets lost or not relayed to the right person at the right time it can have a domino effect and cause other tings to fall through the cracks. I know there is still a lot to learn, but I am excited that I have been invited to continue working with this company with the potential to be hired after graduation. 

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