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Hello! My name is Lily Knapp, a senior advertising major with a concentration in account management. This past semester, I had the opportunity to intern at Let’s Rallie, an interactive event app based in Philadelphia. As a startup, Let’s Rallie was in the process of solidifying its mission and defining itself as an app. Throughout the semester, the founder clarified Let’s Rallie’s identity and mission, providing me with invaluable insights into various aspects of startup operations, as well as allowing me to perform my duties within advertising, sales, and public relations to support the company at large.

When I began this internship in January 2024, I was hired as a field sales intern with the responsibility of attracting new users and businesses to the Let’s Rallie app. My role involved identifying new restaurants that I could go talk with and see if they would be interested in joining the app. However, Let’s Rallie underwent a mission statement switch early in the semester. With our new mission to empower event teams to implement interactive experiences, my role evolved. Instead of reaching out to companies to sell them on joining Let’s Rallie, I began identifying events within the Greater Philadelphia Area that we could sponsor and organize through our app.

One of the major events we organized was the Crafted in Philly Brewery Tour, a two-month-long event allowing ticket holders to visit participating breweries and receive one free drink per location. This initiative not only aimed to attract more customers to the breweries but also offered attendees the opportunity to explore various areas within Philadelphia. As a field sales representative, I played a major role in the early stages by approaching breweries within Philadelphia to gauge their interest in participating. This experience provided me with valuable sales skills and insights into pitching ideas and ultimately selling them to customers.

This is the flyer I would hand out with additional information for the breweries interested in joining the Brewery Tour.

Currently, I am also involved in organizing the Manayunk strEAT Food Festival happening this weekend, Apr 21, 2024. As part of my role, I have been coordinating with vendors to ensure they are familiar with our app, as we are hosting the event and providing a virtual map and communications platform through Let’s Rallie.

Reflecting on my experience this semester, I discovered a passion for engaging with people, reaching out to companies, and discovering new opportunities. My advice to anyone seeking an internship is to pursue one in a field you enjoy. I chose to intern with Let’s Rallie because of its event-based nature and dynamic environment. If you have a specific environment in mind, don’t hesitate to seek out opportunities that align with your personality. I look forward to finishing the semester strong and gaining further insight into my strengths and interests for future pursuits!

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  1. Hi Lily, your internship experience at Let’s Rallie sounds incredibly rewarding! It’s impressive how you seamlessly adapted to the shifts in the company’s mission and your role within it.

    The Crafted in Philly Brewery Tour sounds like an amazing initiative, not only for promoting local breweries but also for offering attendees a unique experience in exploring different drinks and parts of Philadelphia. Your role in starting at the early stages of this event and now coordinating the Manayunk strEAT Food Festival showcases your versatility and ability to excel in various event management and sales aspects.

    Your advice to pursue internships aligned with one’s interests and personality resonates deeply, and I’m glad you discovered your passion for engaging with people and exploring new opportunities!

    Wishing you all the best as you wrap up your semester and continue to grow in your strengths and interests!

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