Hello, Temple Community! My name is Colin Giering. I’m a student and independent filmmaker. And, I’m a senior at Temple University with an intent to graduate with a degree in Advertising. This past 2020 spring semester, I had the privilege of interning for Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners (RTO+P) specifically, in the Maker Studio. The Maker Studio is RTO+P’s in-house production company that handles many of the tasks a traditional agency would have to outsource. This includes services such as product photography, graphic design, and on-site shoots. My experience at RTO+P has taught me that agencies don’t sleep. Everyone is committed to producing stellar work and putting in the hours required to do so. The level of commitment to every detail and facet of a project is truly remarkable. I worked and learned alongside some of the most creative, hardworking individuals I’ve ever met (shout to Niall, Thompson, Natalie). I learned the ropes of product photography and photo manipulation. Throughout this internship, I learned more about the creative process and the layers involved to go from idea to market. After this internship, I feel more prepared to pursue a field in production as I love the daily challenges faced with such a creative job. By working at RTO+P I discovered that the entire agency is a close community. What separates RTO+P from many agencies is the culture and humanity found here. Working here for only a few short months, I already feel part of a family and something bigger than myself. Whether the senior account director is talking to you or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company you never lose humanity. RTO+P is known for its humorous yet, practical employee guidebook which starts out with their defining principle: “no shit heads.”  This cheeky phrase embodies the entire company’s spirit. Their radical candor, empathy, and camaraderie reaches beyond the 25th floor of the Wannamaker Building and touches everything they do. My experience at RTO+P was everything I thought it would be and more. I learned more than I ever thought I could in a few short months and built friendships that will last a lifetime.