Internships are great ways to gain experience in your field of work prior to graduating from college. The goal of gaining a media planning internship this spring was  not only to see if this is the line of work I want to get myself into, but to expand the experience on my resume past account management. I learned a lot while working at my internship with LevLane, although it was mainly focused on television ratings, I contacted a lot of media reps, learned billing systems that a lot of agencies use, and participated in planning meeting for clients. My most recent project was to connect with media reps of the four major broadcast stations to figure out what the new summer line-ups will be for summer 2011. One that you might have already heard of is the Voice, premiering on NBC.

Other shows premiering on NBC are Still Standing and Love in the Wild. Interning at LevLane has helped confirmed the direction I want to head in after graduating from Temple. After May 12, I’m headed to intern at Horizon Media, as a digital media intern. I’m hoping to expand my knowledge of paid search, SEO/SEM, social media marketing, and mobile.

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