Life, Liberty, and LevLane

I can’t begin to explain what a fantastic experience it’s been to intern at LevLane.

Let me tell you about my experiences with the Philadelphia rockstars of advertising this Fall Semester:

They know my name. They treat me as a colleague. They challenge me with work that I am able to challenge myself with. It’s been a total blast working in the trenches of an agency that calls itself home to clients including Center City District (providing stunning creative work for Restaurant Week and SIPS,) Rothman Institute, and several major DMAs of the national massage clinic company Massage Envy. Of course, work is work. A day in the office is a day in the office. The difference here is that this is an agency packed with personalities that are constantly collaborating, contributing, sharing, and discussing the latest media buzz over a daily lunchtime that feels like a grown-up version of the classic PB&J school lunch. I’m surrounded by young professionals that are friendly, helpful, and present in my professional development.

I’ve been given opportunities to study potential media venues including mobile marketing and a radio station in another market. I’ve gotten to write point-of-views on diverse subjects and topics that ultimately contribute to both creative work and media placement. I’ve monitored and analyzed financial performance on search engine marketing and Yelp! reviews.

In summary, LevLane is a fabulous place to intern, it’s a great place to work, and in my opinion, an important place for clients, students, professionals, gurus, and mojo. My experience has been incredible and I will be returning in the Spring.

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