Life Long Lessons That Build Resumes as well as Character

I’m Mallory Sullivan, an Account Management Ad major and my first taste of an agency upstaged all my expectations and truly blew me out of the water.

My experience as a media intern at Lev Lane Advertising has reinforced that determination, time management and persistence pay off to obtain a job. This internship has further instilled these qualities in me so that I can be confident in my abilities and experience to be rehired elsewhere or promoted to a paying position.

Secondly, and maybe the most important lesson I gained from my involvement at Lev Lane, is to never pass up an opportunity for the slight chance that it may benefit your marketability as an employee and that it is a good start to get your foot in the door and be recognized for the position that you really want.

When I first applied for a fall internship, my persistence and collection of applications gave me a decent amount of options to pick from. The two I was most passionate about were both here at Lev Lane, the first being a spot in the Account Management department and other within media. I’m currently learning more about the world of media, but at the time of my interview I was still an apprentice. To my surprise they offered me a position on board and I was delighted to hear that because of the small agency, I had the opportunity to work within both departments. By being a part of  each aspect of the account projects, my knowledge about advertising was doubled and it broadened my horizons in the media and communications world.

Each task I’ve performed through out the semester has taught me that media is the backbone of each campaign in the agency and this behind-the- scenes view gave me a deeper understanding of how an agency works as a whole.

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