Life’s Too Short For The Wrong Job

We’ve all had it, the classic advertising assignment of finding a campaign that we think works well. After spending an hour or so searching for a unique solution I found a campaign that I think is inspiring to us all as students and advertising students in particular. As a student who is graduating in December all I can think about is how to get a job but the better way to think about it is to land the job that I choose for myself. It seems hard in these economic times where jobs are scarce to not take the first job opportunity presented to you but after hearing many people in the industry come in to classes and Temple Ad Club meetings they all gave the same advice, choose your potential jobs carefully and pick where you want to work because you deserve it! So after that long rant of precious advice that I felt needs to be passed on to my fellow peers, heres a campaign worth taking a look at!

The “Life is Too Short for the Wrong Job” campaign done in 2007 by a German agency Scholz & Friends for pulled on the overworked heartstrings of many tired employees. This campaign was comprised of several creative posters that were placed strategically on the sides of multiple machines portraying workers inside slaving away doing a monotonous task. The campaign was a wake up call for people in jobs where they weren’t happy and let them know that it is okay to move onto a job that would be more fulfilling and satisfying.

The campaign also offered a key solution to the problem by including the URL address right on the advertisements. This campaign had well designed art direction that was highly realistic to draw attention to the machines combined with direct copy that made the ads appear to be speaking only to the individual viewing it thus giving the ad a unique personal touch. The placement of the ads also was highly effective because it left the viewer considering their current job and dream job while reading magazines during the long commute to work or while finally relaxing after a hard day. This allowed the ad to really settle in the viewers mind and stay with them for more than just a brief glance. All of these elements combined generated a campaign that was worth talking about and taking action by searching for a more rewarding job opportunity.

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