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This past spring, I had an internship with Crossmedia in Philadelphia. Crossmedia is a media planning firm and though I did not necessarily want to pursue media in my advertising career, I wanted to gain a better understanding of the media side as my focus has been copywriting. I was received very well during this internship (they are an incredibly welcoming group to work with) and after the internship, I stayed in touch with some of the members of Crossmedia.

As the fall semester approached, I was contacted by Crossmedia to help them with some copywriting work they were looking to offer a current client. As they currently do not have a creative department, I was asked to work with a designer, under the direction of the head of the Philadelphia Crossmedia office, to begin working on a few executions we could present to the client by the end of the year. Through staying in touch with them after the internship, when this opportunity presented itself, they thought of me and invited me to work on the project with them.

Making connections is something that has been stressed quite often in school and seeing an application out of school has only enhanced the importance of doing this. I can not stress enough how important it is to work hard for any internship you get, and stay connected with those you work with as much as possible. As of August, I had no idea this would be part of my semester but a few months later, I’ve found myself working on creative that I will get to present to an existing client of this media firm. So, for anyone reading this, do your best at your internships and make the best impression you can because you never know when something may come to you in the future as a result.

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