Making it Happen

I reached out to a guest speaker on LinkedIn and asked for an opportunity.

Entering my final year at Temple, I didn’t want to take the Diamond Edge Program. I wasn’t going to settle for another class. I wanted a real-life experience. It all started with a Personal Branding class.

I reached out to a guest speaker on LinkedIn and asked for an opportunity. I got an email from my now boss Suzanne Ghee over at Thrive Public Affairs not long after. I thought I was dreaming about how everything fell into place.

Over at Thrive, I learned how to be proactive and carry myself as a professional. The first couple of days and projects, I was super anxious. I started in early November. Now nearing graduation, I no longer have to wipe my keyboard down from the sweat coming from my hands.

Every project that came my way was a new experience. I was subscribing to websites and blogs, searching for the latest news to learn about Public Relations. I had to gain knowledge in the field to be as prepared as I can be.

It was Suzanne, myself, and two other interns. At first, Suzanne looked at a lot of my work and gave me tons of feedback. That didn’t last for long. She soon assigned me proposals, strategies, and presentations for clients.

From starting with research dumps, adding addresses to invitation letters, to putting together valuable pieces of information towards numerous projects, I came a long way.

The time I spent over at Thrive was so valuable, learning from an inspirational entrepreneur who had the confidence in me to bring me on board along with the connections I made. It all started because I made it happen.



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