Management, Time Management

I have been diagnosed with procrastination, and it is not a case of the mild variety. I’ve been procrastinating since the third grade. It has only gotten worse over time with longer deadlines for assignments in college. I knew it was something I needed to work on, however, I procrastinated on that as well. That was until this semester. With a full course load, interning at MOD nearly 20 hours in two days a week, as well as working at home most weekends, I did not have much free time this semester. MOD was actually pretty busy during the time I was there. They had several big deadlines a week, the stress of moving from one office to another, and were still taking on new clients. Obviously, I was not going to procrastinate on the work they handed me. Things had begun to get a little hectic, and we were suddenly presented with a very organized work list. It was a time management miracle. A list. It provided us with anywhere up to an hour of more time to work on what needed to get done. Without having a meeting in the morning, we could just look at the list and get moving. I opted to use the list method in my own life. Just keeping track of what I needed to get done, visually seeing how much it was, and knowing how little time I had to do it, led me to have the fewest all nighters in a single semester to date.

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