Marketing Intern at Allied Global Marketing!

As an international student, being a marketing intern at Allied Global Marketing is one of the precious moments that I really belonged to the U.S. and film industry.

Hi guys! My name is Jae-In Kim (you can call me Janey) and I’ve been working at Allied Global Marketing as a field marketing intern for spring 2020. Allied Global Marketing is a world-leading entertainment marketing agency and I’m so happy that I can finally build my career in the entertainment industry.

I have been working with Netflix, Lionsgate, and Walt Disney, which are the best film companies in the world. My main job at the Allied Global Marketing is assisting the advanced film screenings and researching local partners/influencers. Whenever the film release date is coming, each local branch comes up with various promotion ideas for film marketing. Also, they set up advanced screening and events where people can enjoy the content for the first time. For example, I have worked for several film screening in Philadelphia, such as “TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE,” “I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS,” and “I STILL BELIEVE.” For the film screening, I found the most relevant and powerful influencers on social media, invite them, and decorate the venue that matches their vibe.

Communicating with the audience and bringing them to the event is so much rewarding because it makes me feel like I’m part of the content and also the Philadelphia community. I engage in every process from inviting people to packing the props. As an international student, being a marketing intern at Allied Global Marketing is one of the precious moments that I really belonged to the U.S. and film industry. I had a chance to work with awesome supervisors who always care about us and give us important feedback. My spring 2020 would be described as three words, and that would be “film marketing intern.” My end date is coming but I will never forget the projects that I have been working on.

I believe the experience at Allied Global Marketing will impact me in every way when I build my career further. COVID-19 affected a lot of entertainment business but still, I can’t wait to assist other films in the future!




  1. This is such a cool opportunity, Janey! Film marketing is something I never really thought of but it definitely seems like a lot fun. I’m happy you got such a good experience working here in the US, I am sure it such a huge adjustment! Keep working hard and I look forward to see what you do next!

  2. Janey this looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity! How cool! I myself am a huge entertainment/film fanatic and I’m so happy you got to work on really cool film screenings and companies!

  3. Hi Janey! Your internship at Allied Global Marketing sounds like so much fun! I’m so amazed that you got to work with big companies like Netflix and Disney, I believe the experience that you have working with these companies will lead you to a great career. I never had experience in film marketing, but it seems very interactive and I’m happy that you’re able to a sense of home in the film industry. Good luck with your next opportunity!

  4. Janey, this sounds like a super awesome/beneficial opportunity! It seems like you got a lot of hands-on experience in film marketing. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and It will be interesting to see how the film marketing industry moves forward after COVID-19.

  5. Hi Janey! I’m so happy to read about your experience at Allied Global Marketing. My goal is to work in marketing with the entertainment business, so it was really fun to read everything you did. I’m also an international student, and I can totally relate with you when you say you felt part of U.S. because I had the same feeling with my internship. I would be so happy to connect with you on LinkedIn, my name is Gabriela Herzog.

  6. Congrats on the internship! This seems like such a cool experience. Entertainment marketing is such an interesting field. I wish you the best of luck in the entertainment industry. I hope this internship provided you with some of the skills you’ll need to move forward. You will be great!

  7. Hey Janey! I am a fellow Allied Global Marketing intern as well! Allied is a great place to learn and grow your career path. It is so cool that you got to work with big name movie brands when you are a film marketing intern. Best of luck to you in your career!

  8. Janey!

    Congratulations on this position, it sounds like an exciting and amazing opportunity! I love seeing my former classmate and group project partner utilize the skills we learned in a real agency scenario. You are truly getting a first hand look on how a global agency deals with a global pandemic, that is a unique and eye-opening experience that will ultimately benefit your career. Best of luck with your future plans!

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