Marketing Intern

Last week, I started my new position as a marketing intern for Modern Luxury Media working for Philadelphia Style Magazine. If you are not only into the marketing world, but has a passion of anything luxury, weddings and style then this internship would be a great fit for you. There was a two step interview process, and they made sure to let me know right away that it was for a college credit only! Since I am living out of the city, they were lenient enough to allow me to work a remote schedule with only one day in office. They are very welcoming and accommodating and will work around your personal schedule.

So far, I made excel sheets and collected lists of potential clients that our sales team then reaches out to try and secure an article for them in our upcoming issues. I also helped out with social media, and posting online at a timely manner.

So far is hasn’t been much, but it is still an awesome hands on experience with a great team of people who is always willing to help.

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