Marketing internship of a lifetime

Greetings, fellow Owls! Hello, my name is Yejin Seo and I am a rising senior studying advertising with a concentration in account management. In addition to my degree, I am pursuing a certificate in entrepreneurship innovation.


Greetings, fellow Owls! 

Hello, my name is Yejin Seo. I am a rising senior studying advertising with a concentration in account management. In addition to my degree, I am pursuing a certificate in entrepreneurship innovation. This year, I had the privilege of interning for Ageras. Ageras is an incredible platform that allows people to find the perfect accountant for their specific needs. I was intrigued by this platform the more I learned about them. It is essentially a matchmaking service for people who need an accountant, bookkeeper, and auditor. For a college student like me, I have no knowledge of accounting and where to even find one. This platform makes it easy to find the right accountant for your needs without going on a massive hunt for one. Ageras does more than just help people find accountants; they also help accountants generate leads. Ageras originated in Denmark and has expanded to the United States. Ageras is located in Center City. Their presence here in the states is still small. However, I can see how fast this company has grown over the years and am excited to see how far it will grow in the future.

 This internship has exceeded my expectations. As my first internship, I am very pleased with how the experience went. I loved all my day-to-day tasks especially content creation. The content I created on their social media platforms was something I enjoyed doing every day. Using tools like ARGAPULSE and Canva made this task easier. throughout the internship, I learned that copywriting is something that I need to work on. The copywriting process is so much harder than I expected. It is imperative to pick appropriate words to get the attention of others. Despite the pandemic, I was glad that I was able to go to the office to meet the other team members in the USA office. It was an experience getting insight into what everyone else does. I got to see how everyone collaborates together to get their tasks done. As this company is international, I got to meet people in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, and Germany. It was a great experience. As a marketing team, we start our meetings via Teams each week. As a team member, I was informed of what my teammates were doing and they were all willing to support me if I needed to. It is wonderful to be able to network with people all over the world. I  look forward to further collaboration with them through Slack or Teams. 

In the past three months, I have been challenged to think more creatively and outside the box. It has always been difficult for me to express myself and my work because I was afraid of being negatively critiqued. However, this experience has given me more confidence in my abilities. Working a part-time job while taking summer classes and an internship at the same time was overwhelming at first. Needless to say, I managed to get all my tasks done and still have a social life. Having only been in the program for three months, I’ve already learned a lot. I met so many inspiring people. Special shoutout to my supervisor who is the Marketing Manager for Ageras. I could have never asked for a better mentor. Under her supervision, I was thoroughly trained and was taught so many new tools and insights in the real marketing world. I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do with my life before this opportunity. It seems like everyone feels like that at this point in their lives. My supervisor at Ageras helped me determine what career path I would like to take by giving me multiple different tasks. So with that being said, after the internship ends I plan on working part-time as an Ageras marketing assistant during the fall semester. I am very grateful to have been able to have this opportunity.

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