Miles High Productions – Social Online Media

Miles High Productions is a fairly new entertainment/music online marketing firm located in Los Angeles. My primary duty as a remote intern is to market various musicians  by promoting their material on online social media networking websites. At the beginning of every week, the marketing manager messages me a list of responsibilities and timeframes for when they want the tasks to be completed. I create and maintain various musician’s profiles and accounts on websites such as; Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube, BuzzNet, ReverbNation, and many other music networking websites. I am responsible for replying to comments, adding friends and followers, updating event information, and taking screen shots of all these tasks that way the client can observe the work that they are paying Miles High Productions to market their musician. At the end of each week I send in status reports that goes over the improvements that I have made on these websites.

Overall, the first week of this internship had its up and downs. Keeping a status report on every website and every update that I work on seems to get very cluttered and tedious. At the same time, finding out how to use each music networking site is a learning experience in itself. I am beginning to learn the “do’s and do not’s” of online marketing. Posting too much information or not enough information in a comment or post can make or break it when it comes to people reading the information. Working with popular artists and their campaigns, such as Toby Keith and his new liquor campaign “Wild Shot Mezcal”, has began to teach me how to target individual markets on particular networking sites.

I am very excited for the weeks ahead to find out what other musicians I will be marketing for.

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