Moms Love Mobile Technology, Yet Still Skip Ads

Its no secret that women with children nearly almost find themselves evolving into masters of multitasking. BabyCenter released a study that, after interviewing over 2,500 moms, showed that at least 65% of mothers used smart phones and relied on digital aid to get them through their busy day. Additionally, it was recorded that mothers are 38% more likely to own an internet TV device, and 28% more likely to  own a tablet. Not to mention, approximately 1 in 3 internet bloggers are moms.

However, though mothers may be all about technology, they still are highly likely to skip over or ignore ads whenever possible, which is largely attributed to their lack of time for anything that is slowing them down. So how then can this be avoided by advertisers? Point of purchase via mobile is one way. Another suggestion would be to use not web ads, but web video – as BabyCenter reported that moms are actually 50% more likely to watch an online video.

Source: AdWeek

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