More than I imagined.

It has been almost a week and a half for me here at MayoSeitz Media and I am already starting to feel like part of the company. I had a generous welcoming from everyone at the office, which helped with my nerves from the start. My first day at MayoSeitz was a complete whirlwind; tons of information and new faces and names to try to take in! First thing was a tour of the office, where I met almost all of the employees and soon after forgot almost all of their names. In my nervous, joke-making manner, I asked if there was a picture directory for me to study everyone’s name.  Well, at least they pretended to think I was funny. Anyways, I was then taken to my very own desk with my very own computer! I actually was afraid I was going to have to lug my laptop into work every morning. Little did I know I would have my own desk, computer, and even an office phone with my own extension!

Later that day I was brought into two client meetings, one which included a delicious FREE lunch from a current television network.  From the start I was thrown into the company’s current major media plan, which started with a presentation from one of their significant television networks. Not only did I somewhat learn how the office environment
works, I had hands on experience meeting with long time partners and potential vendors. I quickly assimilated into proper work etiquette, which I had no experience with considering my previous waitress and car wash gigs.  However, I followed everyone’s lead and sat through the meetings with poise and purpose.

In fact, I am fortunate enough to have a purpose each and every day at the office. Since I am the only intern for the summer, I am responsible for plenty of assignments that keep me busy and involved with current client campaigns. I do more than just print and make meaningless copies. I do assignments for actual MayoSeitz clients and make phone calls to potential vendors. I just began research for the RFP process for a brand new client at the agency. I have learned and improved tremendously in just a week! I spent my first Friday afternoon with the head of the company reviewing project details, and learning about the company straight from the founder. A week before I was wondering if I would even get to meet the managing directors, let alone sit at their desk with them!
These experiences are more than I had even hoped for!

I look forward to working with MayoSeitz for the next few months. Everyone has been wonderfully helpful, friendly, and understanding during this important learning experience of mine. I cannot believe how lucky I am to be working with them!

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  1. Hey. I’m interning with At Media in Old City, it’s a pretty small agency. I love working there but I was thinking I would go for a big agency for my next internship because now I know what it is like to be at a small one. MayoSeitz sounds like it’s bigger than At Media….what advantages have you noticed about being a part of a bigger agency? Would you suggest it?

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