My Classroom in the Real World

Hello everyone, my name is Yvette Ramos and I am an advertising major and a senior at Temple University. This past month I have been interning at a company called Transparent Healthcare. It is based out of Swarthmore, but provides its services in the New York metro area, northern New Jersey, and Atlanta. At my internship I help with social media, update the website/materials, and work with my marketing manager on a new campaign that the company is going to launch.

When I started, I did not know what to expect, but it was exciting at the same time because I knew I would get to test my skills. At Transparent Healthcare everyone I have worked with has been very nice and helpful. Also, I unexpectedly found a new mentor within my marketing manager. This is because she is very knowledgeable about new trends and since she gives me the majority of my work, it has given me a lot of insights of what I am good at, what I am not good at and what I can learn.

On the social media side, I have made posts to the company’s Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn account. What I like the most is that you can quickly find out what people like and don’t like. Facebook is very good in this aspect because when I post articles for people to read, I can quickly see how many people have read it a few days after I have posted it and compare it to the reach of other articles I have put up.

When updating the website I have realized that websites can take a lot of work to make sure they work smoothly. Now, I have made it a priority to check the pages I update after I have finished them because any little detail can make a big difference. Also, when writing new material or editing old ones, I make sure that the same messages I have been using in other materials are being somehow expressed in new ones. This way anything that is being produced is consistent with everything else.

My favorite thing has been working on the new campaign with the marketing manager. This is because I have gotten very good insight into how some advertising agencies and DRTV agencies work. I have been able to listen in on the agencies talk to my superiors on things they should do or think about, I have also learned how different agencies can be and what they can offer, and learned even more about the importance of different media coming together is some form. Now I fully understand why my advertising professors emphasized integrated media.

My internship at Transparent Healthcare has really helped me grow in this small amount of time in ways that I really didn’t expect. I am more excited than ever of starting my career in advertising once I graduate. Also, now I have learned a lot of valuable skills that will help me anywhere I go in the future. It makes me feel more confident about my abilities, especially in this competitive job market.

What my desk sometimes looks like
What my desk looks like sometimes

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