My day to day

As a  promotions intern at BENFM I come in and have a few things that I’ve done a few times, what I consider the core of my job here.  First thing I do when I come in is celebrity and gossip stories.  Now, before you wave that off as nothing, let me explain something to you.  I’m not really the celebrity, gossipy kind of person. I could care less about who is getting married, divorced, who’s having who’s kid, and what Justin Beiber is up to on a daily basis.  But alas, here I was everyday, reading about how JLO is breaking down from her divorce, or how Jennifer Aniston still loves Brad! Exciting stuff.

Funny thing that happened though, I began to actually start looking it up.  Since I don’t work every day during the week, some of the stories that caught my eye during the week would go unfinished, and being the curious person that I am, that wasn’t ok.  As the days went by, I started to wonder about various feuds happening in hollywood.  The relationship stuff I could careless about, but Charlie Sheen? You better believe I’m checking.  I was also privy to alot of celebrity information that became big news this summer before it really got out, which was kinda cool in its own way.

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